The tale begins when two curious Physics students experimenting with Particle Physics inadvertently open up a wormhole to a parallel world called Mirth, a world composed of the collective Human Imagination.  One of the physics students and his smartphone accidentally fall in, landing in Mirth.  
He and the phone transform to their Mythic counterpart, Odysseus (from Homer's classic, The Oddyssey) and the phone a magic compass, as he falls into the Sea of Mirth, forgetting his former identity. His portal opens near a ship, inhabited by a mysterious young woman, who has been lost at sea, waiting for a savior.


In this unexpected tale, a crew of Mythical Characters are brought together by circumstance to undertake a quest, first seeking council of the Oracle at Delphi to settle the dispute of what treasure is most worthy of seeking, as well as ask other questions, as Odysseus pines for his Mythical home, Ithica, and our orphan heroine, Kiaru, tries to find who and where her parents are. Meanwhile, Thomas, tries desperately to puzzle together what happened to his best friend, before he gets in trouble with the law.
The Oracle's guidance holds various interpretations by the Mythic seekers, and the group fractures to set out for various Mythical Treasures, and Odysseus for clues to where his true home may be. While in pursuit of their symbolic quests, they interact with Historical and Mythical figures on Mirth, learning and finding the tools to overcome their personal character flaws and get along, as they gain in perspective from the various Cultural Philosophies, challenges, and mentors they find along the way, unknowingly building strength for the collective enemy they must face, who is lurking in the shadows, endangering Mirth. 

As they slowly find thier respective treasures, a sinister plot is discovered as to why Planet Mirth is in danger of disappearing, and characters are dissapearing. The corrupted Mars and surprisingly, father, of our heroine Kiaru, is causing War on Earth, and the Rememberance of Man disinigrate for his personal benefit, and increased power on Mirth. Their journey to find the treasure becomes a fight for survival and transformation, as Mars mounts a battle to attack these seekers. They magically reunite, to find the key that will bring remembrance to the children of Earth, and defeat the forces of darkness, thus, saving Mirth. This allegorical story will not soon be forgotten, as a reflection of the Timeless Quest for Wisdom throughout the ages, and the triumph of good over evil. 

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THIS UNIQUE STORY (Think combo of The Neverending Story & The Princess Bride, and what you wish your History Class could have been like) attempts the impossible task (a classic element in Mythology) of presenting a fully ENTERTAINING Series, while EDUCATING simultaneously. 

Can it be done? WE THINK IT'S WORTH A TRY! 



This well researched Series, while kind of springing from the Greek Pantheon as a base, attempts to give a basic overview of highlighted Global Philosophies as well as some of the crucial steps and people in the development of Science and Western Philosophy. Thus, promoting curiosity, and building elements of understanding. The Series is intended to be able to be used in some ways as an introduction to History. If you want a little reminder of some of your college or High School days, or just want to enjoy some review or new info, browse the videos below for your enjoyment! 

To give you a little extended info: Here are some of the Historic People that our Main Characters meet plus an interview w Joseph Cambell. 



Lao Tzu: Founder of Taoism

Pythagorus: Father of Philosophy



Issac Newton: Founder of Macro-Physics


Hypatia: Teacher in Alexandria, Egypt

General Documentary on Greek Mythology

Niccola Telsa: Inventor, Electrical Engineer


Overview of The Oddyssey


Characters in Mythic

I want to introduce you to most of the main characters in the Series. The photos below are not necessarily the actors that will play them. These characters represent a variety of thematic elements, in who they are, where they come from, and what journey they have ahead of them in Mirth. 

Odysseus, in our story, is the physics student that falls through the portal to become his Mythic counterpart. The character of Odysseus is important in History and Mythology, because he is the main character of Homer's, The Odyssey. This book is an epicly told poetic story of a Regional Leader in Greece, going off to war to fight againts the Trojans, and then having a hard time finding his way home again. What is very interesting about it is that for a long time, it was thought to be the oldest book we had in the world. It provided many clues to what the contents of Greek Mythology were, and also Greek Culture. The writing is very sophisticated, and reminds me of the poetic sophistication of Shakespeare. The age of this story itself is enough to make it significant and worthy of study and care, as well as it's themes of persistance, achieving your goal against all odds, and outwitting your opponent, among many other gems of wisdom. Our Physics Student, Odi, finds himself as Odysseus is, ever searching for his way home, but unfortunatley for him, he has forgotten his true home is actually Earth. 

Dionysus, the Greek god of fertility, wine, and ecstasy, was popular throughout much of the ancient world. In Rome he was known as Bacchus. A complex deity, Dionysus played two very different roles in Greek mythology. As the god of fertility, he was closely linked with crops, the harvest, and the changing of the seasons. As the god of wine and ecstasy, he was associated with drunkenness, madness, and unrestrained sexuality. His nature included a productive, life-giving side and a bestial, destructive side.


He was also the god of the Theatre, and all Theatre in the Greek and Roman worlds was dedicated to him. 


In his discussion of the ancient Greek the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche used the terms Dionysian and Apollonian to describe the two sides of human nature. Dionysian urges—sensual and irrational impulses—are named for Dionysus. The term Apollonian refers to the rational side of human behavior associated with the god Apollo*. Interestingly, these two gods, with their very different natures, actually shared a shrine at Delphi. Dionysus was said to have the gift of prophecy, and the priests at Delphi honored him almost as much as they honored Apollo.


Athena was the Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. She was the daughter of Zeus; her birth is unique in that she did not have a mother. Instead, she sprang full grown and clad in armour from Zeus' forehead. (Actually Zues ate her mother which is not often mentioned in Mythology, but in 'Mythic' is an important element of her personal journey of healing.

She was fierce and brave in battle; however, she only took part in wars that defended the state and home from outside enemies. She was the patron of the city, handcraft, and agriculture. She invented the bridle, which permitted man to tame horses, the trumpet, the flute, the pot, the rake, the plow, the yoke, the ship, and the chariot. She was the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity. She was Zeus' favourite child and was allowed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt. Her holy tree was the olive tree and she was often symbolised as an owl.

She became the patron goddess of Athens and was also the protecter of Odysseus in The Odyssey. It is evident that Athena and Athens derive from the same root; Athens (or Athenae) is in plural form, because it represents the sisterhood of the goddess that existed there.

Bridgid was widely worshipped all over Europe in the Ancient world. She is a Diety from Ireland said to be the descendent of the Fairy People, the Tuatha de Dannan.  She was the Bright Lady of Flame, or Inspiration of poets and bards, and crafts. As a Spring deity, She was also most associated with fertility (an aspect hard to overcome for the Catholic saint). And traditionally was said to have been Mary's midwife. She was responsible for agriculture, such as crops and cattle, and healthy babies. She was literally the Bride; the wedded one. As the Preserver, She is a Mother goddess and associated with healing and medicine As the “Bright Flame of Love”, Her sway was over sexual fertility and erotic love. In another facet of fire, Brighid is matron of smithcraft and of smiths. Her epithet of “Bright Arrow” Brighid is also a warrior Goddess, in the manner of the triple Morrigan, with smithcraft as representative of Her solar fire on earth as well as Her patronage of warfare and the martial arts.

Erzulie is one of the Voodoo Loa, or goddesses in the Voodoo religion. She stands for love, women, beauty and passion. She is said to be a triple Goddess and has three names, Erzulie Freda who is likened to the Virgin Mary, Erzulie Dantor who is the loa of passion and jealousy and La Siren who is a sea Goddess representing the mother. Her worship originates in Africa like the other Voodoo spirits/Orisha's although when the people of Africa were captured, turned into slaves and brought to Haiti and America, Erzulie became associated with the Catholic Virgin Mary. Many of the African Gods were turned into saints and given different names as the slave owners forbid the worship of these foreign Gods and forced the Africans to convert, although they still honored their Gods in private.

Erzulie Freda is said to be a Goddess who indulges in the finer things in life and has much passion, sexual power and beauty. She has three husbands and so wears three wedding rings on her finger. She is likened to the Goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. Erzulie Freda loves the color pink, sweet foods, perfume and lavish gifts. She lives life to its fullest and with much passion and emotion, she is also said to be quite beautiful and desirable. 

Mazu, or Mat-Su, Chinese Goddess of the Sea, is the story of an extraordinary girl who became a goddess. 


Mazu . . . a goddess, even after a millennium has passed . . . arguably the most worshipped in the world with over 1,500 active temples and 100 million devotees. 

Hers is a fascinating story.


The Chinese goddess Mazu has many names and titles. Known in different regions as Matsu, Ma-Tsu, A-ma, Tianhou, and other names, with numerous titles that include "Motherly Matriarch", "Kuan Yin of the Southern Sea", "Daughter of the Dragon", and "Empress of Heaven".  Although some experts feel she may be a version of the older goddess Kuan Yin (who is better known in most western countries), Mazu is deeply rooted in the hearts of her people, especially coastal areas  in the East, and is best known as the "Goddess of the Sea". 


The Chinese goddess Mazu originated with the deification of a young woman named Lin Mo Niang who had performed numerous miracles during her short life in about 400 BC. She was said to be an incarnation of Kuan Yin, having a gift for Martial Arts, a great warrioress, and was said to have ascended to heaven on a rainbow at age 29. A kind-hearted girl with a vast knowledge of Chinese medicine, she was known as a healer, curing the sick while teaching people how to prevent illness and injury. Many of the miracles she performed involved quelling storms at sea, so it is hardly surprising that she is known as the protector of all seafaring people.


There is much more to share about the story and Characters, after all, it's a whole TV Series~! But, for now, we'll leave you wondering!


 May all have the benefit of Philosophy; literal translation: Love of Learning. 


Thanks SOUL much for being here, and seeing this page, and this program, and making this possible to have a chance to go onto full production!!!!


Script sample

For anyone interested, here is a sample of the script. It will still continue to be improved before shooting.


Suddenly, without warning, a man arrives, it is ODI, the physics student who is now ODYSSEUS, who fell to the side of the boat and has been swimming. He is a good looking man who is drenched and wearing a very ragged old style pirate pants and a shirt that has been ripped off at the sleeves. He climbs over the side of the ship, has climbed up the rope ladder , and has an arrow of Mariah stuck in his side. He is almost falling over, as if drunk, looking very intoxicated.



I have arrived, you summoned me?

Mariah's eyes bulge out as this is the first man she has seen, she looks over to Brigit, then it slowly dawns on her that she shot an arrow with a love spell on it. The ARROW sticking out of Odysseus has LIGHT/GEOMETRIES emanating from the insert point.



Under her breath

The arrow!

He pantomimes a bit of what he is saying, as if he is a drunk person telling a very passionate story with hand gestures.



Apparently I received this arrow, as I was swimming in Poseidon’s domain, and a pulsing rush of destiny moved me quick, straight to you ladies--

He walks towards them and they move aside.



--like a heat seeking arrow, to find you here--

He observes that there are a pile of books, little dolls



--In your little what, picnic? Show and tell?

He notices the small flame now emanating from Brigits' palm, which happens at her command

I like a lady with a bit of fire!


Not quite but yes the light does show and tell. And I can tell that you don’t
   know much or little well.


He indicates Mariah, and the bow she is holding, unaffected by the insult.


Ah and a huntress! Would you like to conquer me.. and devour me!


he gets on the floor and makes a spectacle of himself like he is dying


go ahead and eat me now



It seems he has been conquered by you. a love spell. How convenient.


Brigit takes one of the arrows from the quiver of Mariah. In the meantime Odysseus is doing embarrassing flirtatious antics.


These are the arrows of Diana. How did you get them?



I don’t know



Who are you?




Ah, Say nothing, Just beam your radiant light you lovely lovely creatures let me roast in the perfection of your luminous fire.


He gets very close to them and reaches out his hand as if to touch them. He tries to touch Mariah, and Brigit puts his hand down.



Are you made of the stars?

(Mariah, is clearly taken in, and leaning towards him).

Brigit steps over to Odysseus and without asking permission, she yanks the arrow out.

Odysseus reels and nearly loses his balance, acts as if he is coming out of a trance. He turns towards the sea, and talks as if to an invisible opponent.



That was a good one, Sea God Posiedon, better luck next time! You can't best me, Odysseus!

Mariah looks impressed and surprised.



Oddyseus of Homer's Fame? The ancient Greek, the son of Pain? But that's just a story.

She steps towards him. He steps back and has a grandiose way about him.



And what a terrible name I should fulfill. I have been driven off course,  and yet again, my home calls me deep within my veins... Yes, Yes. Lucky I found this ship, and we shall sail for my home Ithica anon..


Bright is slightly ignoring him and continuing with her preparations. She looks up.



We have not determined our course.


Odysseus walks towards the steering wheel and begins feeling it with his hands.



This boat is simply commandeered for Greece, Ladies. I am the dictator, This is my ship.. you will hitherto call me captain and be at my command. So you do understand. Me hearties.


Brigit walks towards him and attempts to take the wheel from him. Mariah is watching with goggle eyes, transfixed by what is transpiring.



No, Odysseus, not quite.



Lady, excuse me

laughs, and put his hands to his chest

where have you been? Ha! Living in a rock.?

He changes his voice tone and moves from a British Accent, to a Pirate accent.



Right, right, Well, love, First of all, you're a woman, and ya don't rightly belong on the sea anyway..and second of all, we make the rules. You don't like it that's ok. We always win.

Women make eye contact with each other, and exchange knowing glances. Brigit looks fierce.


Ridiculous. Ladies, honestly. I don't really want to make you my prisoners, but if I must I must. Now, you can either be nice or you can be dead. Your choice.


Without a word, Brigit reinserts the arrow into Odyseus, and he is immediately under the love spell again.



Looks at Mariah

Seriously, I love you. And I really like these dolls.



There ya go, better already. See Mariah, it's not about fighting hard, it's about fighting smart. Can you tidy up the dolls love.



As you wish



So, child of the Sea, I mean you no harm.  Although I couldn't say the same for Odysseus. My name is Brigit. I bring the spring, the spirit of the morrow. You have found me today on a dark day. Tis true, I sail a sailless ship, aye tis the boat of Manannan. My crew was attacked by pirates,I battled them as best i could, but in the end, they got Mannan and left. Without Mannanan to sail his enchanted ship, I have been drifting for days, deep into the sea and now have met you.


Mariah is following, slowly digesting every word she says


in this, chance meeting. Perhaps there is some purpose to this all.



Can you take us to land?



Slow down love, yes, yes, you don't know much do you, and apparently not how to sail either how long have you been drifting?



She sadly walks over and shows her the marks in the wall.

Well, I don't rightly know, 320 days or so now, and some before that



My, my.. and no memory before being alone?

Mariah shakes her head no.

You are unusual aren't you. I've heard of most Gods in Mirth but not you.



What do you mean, gods in Mirth?



Would one of you lovely ladies care to join me. It is pretty tidy over here.



In a minute love.



For you two, anything. I await your approach.



Well, we are all, everyone here, created from the Humans on Earth, you know, Gods, Heros, the well remembered



What do you mean not on Earth?

She becomes visibly shaken

Thats ridiculous. Listen I have read, all of my books, many times, and never is such a thing mentioned. The Elysian Fields, yes, but clearly we're not in paradice. Perhaps I'm Greek. And, there was an accident, on the sea. I don't know.. 


She is visibly flustered and is holding back tears



Yes, well, you didn't get the whole story then, did you. Yes, we are all made of the memories of the Humans, that is all. I don't know who you are, or what happened to your memory, but, yes, Mirth. Tis true. Now, first things first. 



playing cutely with the dolls.



it's time to be off. I do know how to sail, thou with Manannan's ship I don't have to often. With two we can do fine. So, off we go, sad to see it go, but without my friend, I cannot save his ship. Got to save myself.



Where will we go?



To the nearest port, there we will drop Odysseus, and I'll be on my way. You can't cross the sea merely by staring at the water now. Winds coming this way. We want to sail into the wind now, at a 45 degree angle.



How long will it take?



Not sure, half a day.



I'm being incredibly patient, for two incredibly beautiful ladies.